8th Green … your digital marketing luminary

8th Green … your digital marketing luminary

8th Green … your digital marketing luminary

Working with us will be a positive and rewarding journey that will bring your business successful marketing strategies and outcomes.

We’re a small but effective team of highly certified digital marketing professionals with a vast network of media partners around the country. In our work, we strive for complete transparency and flawless execution, including the ongoing management and alteration of campaigns to reflect data-driven insights into customer behavior and ad performance.

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Our MISSION is to elevate your business brand identity, your client base and drive increased revenue.

Our PASSION is to grow your business by connecting you to consumers who will benefit most from your value proposition.

Our GOAL is to over-deliver for your business on every single campaign.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing

Tailored to your Business, Goals & Audience

Comprehensive digital marketing services tailored to the needs of your business

Every channel is hand picked based on your business, goals, and audience

Paid Search Ads

Paid advertising is advertising that requires payment for the use of the ad space, as opposed to owned or earned advertising. Because paid ads cover such a wide array of ad types, including PPC, PPI, and display, they offer a range of benefits from improving your brand awareness to directly increasing your revenue.

Campaign Management

Successful marketing requires an investment of time and attention that most business leaders don’t have to spare, as well as insights and expertise that only come from years of experience. Our digital marketing team can generate demand for your product or service by strategizing, organizing, and implementing the marketing tactics that are best suited to your brand.

Social Media Management

Paid social media advertising makes it fast and affordable to target based on consumer behavior and interests. We focus on the global social titans like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn and include any other platforms where you’ve developed an audience.

Content Creation

Up to 60% of consumers will not engage with your brand after seeing a poorly produced marketing video, and you can expect similar reactions to your ad campaigns. We’ll create impactful video and graphic content that connects with your audience and draws them into your brand.

8th Green … your digital marketing luminary

8th Green … your digital marketing luminary

8th Green … your digital marketing luminary